Due to the Corona Virus emergency all Probus activities have been suspended for the foreseeable future. Most of our members are in the'at risk' category.  

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22nd February 2019  Information re Over 50s winter Fair

23rd January 2019

Andrew Henderson

Following Andrews recent death, at my request, his daughter & Brian Houghton have written the following item.

Andrew was born in February 1921 in Eyemouth, a little fishing village on the east coast of Scotland .  He was one of six children. His father owned a fishing trawler but Andrew never showed any inclinationto follow in his footsteps.  On leaving school, he started working in a solicitors office in the nearby village of Coldingham, a job that World War 2 rudely interrupted.

Andrew ended up in a reserved occupation, working as a fitter/mechanic repairing aeroplanes.  As the war drew to an end , he enlisted in the Royal Army Service Corps, and was demobbed in 1950.

Back in Civvy Street, there were limited jobs in and around Eyemouth, so he headed for London and got a job in the offices of the Great Northern Railway, he was a keen sportsman and took advantage of the GNR sports club, then based in Holtwhites Hill Enfield.  He was a very keen and good tennis player. Over time, tennis gave way to Badminton.

Andre found a new job in the world of Insurance, and this was effectively where he remained for the rest of his working life. He retired in 1986 and actually drew his pension longer than he worked.  

In later years Andrew along with his wife Anne, joined Winchmore Hill Bowling Club where he continued to play until his first knee replacement at the age of 89, following which the bending was too much.  Even when he was less able to get around , he always enjoyed eating and drinking with friends and relatives (putting away ENORMOUS amounts of food, despite remaining very whippet like!)   Andrew continued to attend and enjoy Probus meetings including the last December.  He lived a long and happy life surrounded by family and friends who loved him.

13th November 2018

We have been informed that Brian C.... will be returning home as soon as his wife is satisfied that the builder has completed the alterations to their house


10th August 2018

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of one of our most recent members, Terry McGee.  The funeral will be held at Winchmore Hill Baptist Church on Friday 17th August.

22nd April 2018

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Neil Moser on Friday 20th April 2018. 

Neil had asked that the Associate Minister at Enfield Baptist Church , Joe Egan, visit him. On Friday morning, Neil shared a Scripture with the Minister. Neil was lucid, and clearly spoken, although weak. Shortly after this,  he slipped away, whilst the Minister was still with him.


This Web - Please accept my apologies for not updating the web site recently.  Basically this was due to microsoft terminating the Office 365 operating programme and replacing it with a new programme.  They then moved their support staff and only leaving the "office boy" to tell users what they must do to gain access to the programme.   


Meeting Location.  Due to the difficulty with access to the Walker Cricket Ground the Committee decided to change the venue to the Jolly Farmers Public House at the western end of Windmill Hill, Enfield, with effect from our November meeting.  Due to other bookings at the new venue, the meetings will generally be held on the second Tuesday of each month instead of the third.  The cost of the meal and speaker remains the same as at our present venue.


Cost of Lunches and speakers costs.  At a meeting with the new caterers on Friday 27th November we were advised that future meals would be to a higher standard than those provided by the previous caterers, but unfortunately they would have to increase the price and we would have to pay for people who did not turn up.   Our Committee members who were present agreed that the new price would be £20 with effect from the January meeting and this would include any costs incurred by the after-lunch speakers. Notice of non-attendance must now be received by the Registrar by the previous Thursday morning so that he can advise the caterers of the exact numbers on the Thursday lunchtime for the following Tuesday lunch. (updated 29.11.2016)


Annual General Meeting - Nov 17th - all officers gave their verbal report for the past year. The minutes of the last AGM were distributed and agreed,  and our accounts were approved.    The Committee for next year will be mainly as this year but Mike Palos will be President; Vice President will be Bob Chandler and visits secretary will be Chris Truran. The Secretary reported that they would welcome any new nominations to the Committee.


Monthly Luncheon - after our October meeting, Sue the chef for the Walker Trust left to move to the Isle of Wight.  The Trust has appointed a firm to look after the catering.   Our first meal under the new chef was at our November Luncheon, it was very good, slightly smaller servings and it was slightly more expensive.  A special meeting has been arranged between the caterers and our committee.


Our President - we are pleased to report that our president, Peter Davis is now back at home after a period of rehab at Garston. He has not yet returned to our meetings - we wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and hope to see him soon (October 2015

Norman Last - It is with great regret that we announce the death of Norman in late January.   Probus were represented at a memorial service that was held on Friday 7th February at the Winchmore Hill United Reformed Church.  Norman joined Probus in 1995.  He will always be remembered for his cheerful manner.   The memorial service was one of the most light-hearted & best that I have attended.  Sheila Dumayne gave memories and details of his early years.   Tony Townshend  gave a report on his involvement in Scouting and then details were given of his excellent performances in the Scout Pantomines from 1950 until 1976 ( total of 157 performances as the "Dame")  He also helped produce some of the performances as well as acting.  Reports were given of his many other stage appearances for local clubs.   A true friend who will be greatly missed.

Phyllis Haddon (wife of member) (25.1.2012) The following article appeared in the local press.

"Nurse Phyllis inspires with wartime memories"  A nurse who trained at Chase Farm Hospital during the second World War returned this week to share memories with staff.  She began work as a student nurse at Chase Farm in 1943, then moving to Central Middlesex Hospital becoming a district midwife in 1948, and delivered babies at Chase Farm for the next 38 years and opened the Ridgeway Birth Centre in 2003.

During and after the war years they nursed a lot of English and German soldiers because of our neurosurgery unit.  "The doctors - they were really wonderful".

Director of Nursing Terina Riches said "our staff were very pleased to meet Phyllis and hear about her early days there.  Much has changed since 1943 but professional values are timeless and she is an inspiration to us all."


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